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The APM Advantage

Apartment Property Management Services (“APM”) works closely with multifamily property owners and clients to manage, preserve, protect, and maximize the performance of each asset. With our combined 100+ years of experience and solid professional track record we are well positioned to assist you.

Property Management

Expert Management Experience

We have successfully managed 150+ assets and operated 12,000+ units throughout the U.S. in the past 20 years. The key to our success includes maximizing net operating income by increasing revenue and decreasing expenses.

Asset Management

Customized Solutions

APM Services, LLC provides a full range of customized investment solutions controlling risk and maximizing potential for return. Every plan is customized based on each client’s unique needs and goals: a formulated plan to meet your investment objectives.

Due Diligence Services

Minimize Risk and Validate Opportunities

APM Services, LLC due diligence services include:

  • Property exterior inspection
  • Unit Interior Inspection, all Units
  • Inspection of amenities, common areas, and Office
  • Lease file audit, all units, comparison to rent roll
  • Evaluation of signage
  • Photography of asset, amenities, etc.

Financial Reporting

Accurate Financial Analysis

At APM, we understand the importance of providing accurate Financial reporting individualized to each clients needs. On each assignment we compile detailed budget in an effort to benchmark asset performance. The goal is to stabilize, stabilize, stabilize, by controlling expenses, increasing revenue and implementing improvements while paying close attention to the bottom line. Then report financial results on a timely basis.

Occupancy Management

Proven Optimization Strategies

We understand that staying one step ahead of the competition is key to our success. Some of our strengths include proven and tried processes of rent optimization strategies, lease expiration management, effective management of vacant inventory, prompt response to service calls, successful resident retention programs and strong closing of sales on prospects.

Facilities Management

Preventative Maintenance Measures

Managing the overall condition of the asset is essential. The preventative maintenance of your property is a top priority. Around the clock, we will schedule maintenance and repairs, inspect the property and units on a regular basis to guarantee it is in top condition, and resolve emergency maintenance issues quickly.

Administrative & HR Management

Protect Your Best Asset

Your employees are your best asset! We provide quality benefits necessary to attract and retain the best employees. We give them excellent training and educational programs while making sure we maintain compliance with all requirements. Motivational sales training is implemented and reinforced continuously producing fabulous results.

Construction Management

Interior and Exterior Expertise

Overseeing re-development has become one of our specialties. From the exterior through the interior, we have a broad range of experience in coordinating the construction related elements and operations of projects.

Receivership Services

Distressed Assets

APM Services, LLC is highly experienced in the matters of distressed assets. Our team has the ability to manage receivership assets as well as act in the capacity of court-appointed receiver for lenders and special services.

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