Asset Management Services

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Managing Your Assets

APM Services, LLC provides asset management services to clients. We are available for regular calls and communication as needed in addition to reporting as required. A listing of these services is below.

Financial Statements

  • Analyze Income statements.
  • Analyze Rent Roll.
  • Analyze General Ledger.
  • Analyze Current Year budgets.
  • Compare Budget to Actuals.
Asset Management

Property Site Visits

  • Evaluate current Staff.
  • Evaluate Exterior Property Condition.
  • Evaluate Interior Unit Condition.
  • Evaluate Amenities, Common Areas, Clubhouse / Office.
  • Evaluate Leasing Procedures.


  • Evaluate Current Marketing Strategy.
  • How is the Strategy Measured? How are the results Measured?
  • Is the Staff buying into the Strategy?
  • Leasing & Renewal Bonuses.

Ownership Goals and Objectives

  • Creating a Strategy that achieves Ownerships Goals and Objectives.
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Annual Budgeting
  • Exit Strategy for the Property.

Current Management

  • Work Closely with Current Management.
  • Build a team relationship with current manager. We are here to help!

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